About Me

The Beginning

At the age of 15, I became interested in web programming and began taking online tutorials to learn HTML. After learning forms, I determined that I would need to learn a server-side language to process the forms. After searching for some free hosting that would allow for server-side scripting, I began learning Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP led me to learn databases, Server-Side Objects and SQL language.

My curiosity became endless and I started devouring all I could learn. I purchased a bare-bones kit plus a hard drive and built a Windows 2000 Server. I set it up in my bedroom, installed Exchange Server, Active Directory and Domain Name Server (DNS) software and began running my own dedicated web server.

While learning all I could about common web languages, my interests took a deeper turn into more system-level programming. Since I already had understanding of ASP using VBScript, I decided Visual Basic was a good start. I bought a student-edition copy of Visual Basic 6 from the store at Pennsylvania College of Technology. I was given a copy of Visual Studio 6 and started taking an interest in C++.

Getting Educated

Hughesvile High School was somewhat forward thinking and offered web design courses as well as C++. I enrolled in every computer course offered and received straight A's. A small group of top students in the C++ class competed as a team in a regional programming competition at the University of Scranton where my team took fourth place.

At Drexel University, I pursued a Bachelor's in Computer Science. Though the course was in-depth and had much to offer, I was eager to gain real-life experience and left school to venture into the work field.

Into the Workforce

Throughout the years, I have continued eagerly pursuing advancement and education. I have learned numerous languages, programming practices, server systems and challenging myself in everything I do. Nearly seven years ago, I accepted the position of Web Specialist at Sage Age Strategies, a senior living marketing agency. I've had the opportunity to create the entire department from scratch and bring the company to the forefront of the market. I devour new technologies as quickly as they come into practice. I try to remain agile yet pragmatic, using the knowledge I've gained working in marketing to determine the best course of action to take with Sage Age's development standards.

The Future to Come

In the future, I look forward to working in a more team-oriented environment where information is shared and collaboration is every day life. Though I have been successful in my career, I would like to be a part of something that is more commonly relatable. When I tell someone of my achievements with Sage Age and the senior living market, his expression is typically meak. I would like to tell people what I've done and the impact it's making and see their faces light up with amazement. I think that would be the best accomplishment.